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Evaluating Race Results to Improve on Track Speed

Robb Beams

This is the time of the year when you have the opportunity to sit down and evaluate your past season. As racers we tend to focus on what didn’t go well instead of what we were able to accomplish both on and off of the track. As racers who have high expectations, we can become disappointed when everything doesn’t come together exactly as planned. However, with every performance provides insight to what is going on mentally & physically on race day. The interesting part about training is when you are specific with the purpose of each workout (based on intensity/ duration/ rest interval and frequency) you as a racer are able to determine your strengths and weaknesses, adjusting your training objectives accordingly.

At MotoE, we use our Blueprint of Success Goal Profile (if you would like a copy of the MotoE Blueprint of Success Goal Profile, please email me) as the foundation for developing workouts for our riders and racers. For many racers, they train “hard” but do not take the time to evaluate if the training (on and off of the track) is actually working in the way of improved speed, endurance, strength & flexibility. At MotoE, our team of coaches and physiologists evaluate each rider’s training and testing results so that weekly workouts (both on and off of the bike) are specific to improving speed & reducing late moto fatigue. To some racers, this level of structure is too demanding due to the accountability that comes with quantified results, but to other racers, the acknowledgement of progress is what motivates them to head out to the track or climb back on that Concept 2 rower the next day. What does this mean in regards to learning about a season that is now history? Here are four specific lessons:

What Motivates You?

You have the opportunity to look back at your training sessions and determine which type of workouts motivated you the most. For example, did you enjoy meeting others to ride and cross train with or did riding and cross training with other athletes just create a “race” at every session? Be honest with yourself here. Remember, if you get to a point where you are not motivated to go to the workouts due to excessive stress, then your consistency will fall off (a very important component for competitive racers).

Rest & Recovery

Did your daily & weekly schedule provide you enough rest days to allow for complete recovery? By keeping track of your resting heart rate, morning body weight and hours of sleep (if you would like a copy of the MotoE Body Analysis spreadsheet, please email me), you will develop a pattern between your weekly training schedule (i.e. hard days/easy days) and how your body is responding (either positively or negatively). If you are getting adequate rest, you will see a relatively low HR and consistent improvements in your performance results (both on and off of the track). If you are not getting adequate rest, you will NEVER achieve your full potential. You track the “fatigue” of your motor with an hour meter; use this MotoE Body Analysis spreadsheet to determine if you are “fresh” and ready to perform to your full potential.

Creating Championships

Championships just don’t happen; they are built from the inside out. By understanding what, when and how much to eat & drink; knowing how hard or long you should ride; understanding how to cross train off of the track; understanding how to stretch without tearing something; being mentally prepared to handle the pressure of leading a high profile race has to be taught, tested and applied. With quantified evaluation tools and measurements, training and racing becomes void of emotion leaving you with the reality that you are either getting healthier, stronger and ultimately faster or not. It has always been the goal with MotoE’s coaches and staff to create incremental improvement from month to month, year to year with championships becoming part of the journey – not the end result. As the old saying goes, it is easy to win the first championship; it is harder to repeat it. At MotoE, we develop the blueprint of success with the characteristics of the individual rider and then use this template to create long term success – year after year.


If you ask racers why they became involved in racing, the majority of racers will say that it was for the love of riding and the challenges that racing offers. However, when it comes to developing on track speed, the expectations placed on the body are at a level that cannot be sustained for long periods of time without increasing the probability of an injury or burn out from the sport. When you think about the majority of professional racers and the longevity of their race careers, you will notice that the careers are relatively short (usually as a result of injury or burn out).

Take the time to reflect on where you have come from as a racer over the last year and then take some time to fill out your MotoE Blueprint of Success Goal Profile. By having definitive goals and evaluation tools, you will optimize your training efforts and create championship results.

Until next time, Train Smart-Not Hard! -Coach Robb

Coach Robb has been working with riders & racers for the last 25 years and is the founder of the Complete Racing Solutions Performance Program & Nutritionally Green Supplements based in Orlando Florida. He has contributed to publications such as Vurbmoto.com, Racer X, FLMX, FTR Magazine and is a regular contributor to RacerX online, RacerXVT, Vurbmoto and various racing websites. Robb can also be heard on the monthly radio show DMXS answering listener’s questions about nutrition & fitness. coachrobb.com is a premium resource center for motocross, supercross and GNCC riders of all abilities and ages. The website outlines the training solutions used with great success by Factory Kawasaki/Pro-Circuit’s Adam Cianciarulo, Broc Tickle, Darryn Durham; Factory, Factory Honda’s Ashley Fiolek, Thor’s Jordan Bailey, Factory JGR/Yamaha’s Jon Jon Ames, Factory KTM Off Road Charlie Mullins & Yamaha’s Roman Brown. Instructional videos with Coach Robb can be found on the Coach Robb’s Youtube Channel addressing rider’s questions about speed, endurance, strength nutrition, biomechanics, and stretching and soft tissue maintenance. Please visit coachrobb.com to subscribe to his newsletter and learn more about various resources for riders. You can follow him on Twitter: @MotoCoachRobb and on Facebook: Coach Robb.

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